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For domain names and web business products:
The minimum requirements to publish a website would be a domain name and a hosting account. Once your site is created either with a template based program like Website Builder or with 3rd party software. The next step is to submit and optimize for the search engines if you want traffic to your site. There are many ways to do this but one of the best ways to start out and get initial submission and optimization is to use an optimization program such as Search Engine Visibility. I have found this program to be a valuable resource on the search engines as well as automating the submission process and providing optimization tips and keyword and meta tag suggestions.

Of course if you would like to have our professional designers take your ideas and translate them to a visually stunning site and handle all the technical issues we do offer a great solution with our Professional Website Design  and Professional Web Store Design packages.

  An Email Marketing program to send out professional template based emails with opt in and opt out selections (to keep you spam free), a survey program to send out information gathering surveys to allow you to make the most out of the traffic you are receiving and to keep in contact with your clients and customers professionally.

We offer a great email solution for those who need a corporate email plan but don't have a corporate budget. The Outlook Exchange service gives you the advantages of an exchange email hosted on a secure server with the security and syncing through your mobile phone, desktop laptop, home or office at a fraction of the normal cost. We host and maintain the servers and you pay a small monthly fee per address. You even get licensing and software rights and upgrades as part of the plan.

If you have an in house designer or someone you trust we suggest you secure your server or hosted server and set up the user name and password to give you control of your site files. Our hosted servers are backed up and maintained by quality professionals  and as with all of our services come with a non-contractual guarantee that we must continue to earn your business or your investment is returned for unused months.

Adding an array of the most popular domain extensions and securing them on a business term  creates a branding of your name and protects you from those who may purchase your name in these other extensions and put up competing sites or otherwise compromise your efforts at marketing.

We at PCH Webservices are here for you 24/7 365 if you have any questions or concerns or need to expand your presence or start a new project. Please call us at
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